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After all, what is more valuable than our time? Those of us who spend hours on the Internet every day have grown to appreciate how valuable keyboard shortcuts can be in saving time. Here are a few shortcuts that can prove to be real time-savers:

Shortcut Keys for IE 5:

Copy: CTRL + C
Paste: CTRL + V
Undo: CTRL + Z
Redo: CTRL + Y
Cut: CTRL + X
Print: CTRL + P
Save: CTRL + S

Select All: CTRL + A
Refresh Page: F5
Find a File: F3
Help: F1

Switch to Full Screen: F11
Stop Page Download: ESC
Close Window: CTRL + W
New Browser Window: CTRL + N
Go to Home Page: ALT + HOME
Previous Page : BACKSPACE
Add Page to Favorites: CTRL + D
Open Favorites Menu: CTRL + I

Open History: CTRL + H
Shut Down Program: ALT + F4 CTRL + ALT + DELETE
Go to top of page: HOME
Scroll up the page: PAGE UP
Scroll down the page: PAGE DOWN

Start Menu: CTRL + ESC
ShortCut Menu: SHIFT + F10

Add a "www" to the beginning and ".com" to the end of a Web address:
CTRL + ENTER (e.g. type udaipurplus in address bar and press CTRL+ENTER it will make that www.udaipurplus.com)

My recommendation is to print this list and keep it in a noticeable spot by your computer. It may take a short while to master all these shortcuts.
e yourself a real meal!

The World Wide Web (www) is the most popular extension of the Internet, the global electronic communication network; Information is presented on 'pages ' made accessible through program called browsers. Common browsers include Netscape, Internet Explorer, Mosaic and Lynx. The information provided reflects the activities, interests and frequently personalities of those who host the pages -from recreation and research areas through to full blown publication, art galleries and sound studios. Web pages are usually designed in such a way that the reader can effortlessly follow 'links' to related subjects, information or flies. The links could be pointing to somewhere else on the same page or half a world away.


The latest rage, of course, is to have your own Home Page on the"World Wide Web" [www] just is a fancy name for the computers on the Internet that support Hyper Text Transfer Protocol [HTTP]. This is an FTP based program that operates on images and text in a simultaneous download. Unless you have a lot of time, we will suggest that you turn the automatic download of images off, so a Home Page with 25 Megabytes of movie images will not require you to cancel your access and then try again later with images off--better the basic page layout is SEEN QUICKLY and THEN DECIDE the images are worth seeing than to have to wait each and every time and then realize that half the time you wasted both your time in the download process and that you wasted everyone else's time in line for access and also wasted a lot of bandwidth.Web Page sites use more bandwidth than any others, because those images each take as much space and time as downloading a smaller book.Each and everytime you access a new Web Page. If you have just accessed pages then a review of that page might come from your disk cache; this is why you will see your disk light trashing so much when you do any viewing of images. . .it is saving all the images, in case a particular image is called up again. This is much faster than downloading the images again, but would wear our your hard drive much faster. If you listen closely for hard drive head thrashing, you will know what we mean.Being cautious with what you download will not only preserve the bandwidth and access for everyone else, but will also preserve a hard drive a lot longer, presuming it dies from usage as opposed to those that are dropped or hit by lightning or kill motors.You can do your part to reduce this wastage, by optimizing those pictures you do include on your Web Pages. . .jpg files are easy to optimize.


Exact usage numbers are impossible to determine. However nearly 100 million people surf the internet in more than 186 countries on regular basis. In the beginning, the main users and authors were academic ( relating to the origin of the internet ), but now the trend towards wider involvement is from companies, societies and individuals. The numbers of host computer have increased from negligible numbers in 1987 to 1.2 million in 1996. Currently more than 20 million host computers are estimated to be connected to the www.









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