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Interesting Definations

School A place where papa pays and son plays.
Life Insurance A contract that keeps you poor all your life so that
you can die rich.
Nurse A person who wakes up to give you sleeping pills.
Marriage A contract in which a boy loses his bachelor's degree
and girl gets her master's degree.

Vertika Kataria
Class - VII A


  Jokes that Puzzle   mouther.gif (640 bytes) Ha.....ha...ha....

Where do you find elephants ?
                                        They are to big to be lost.
Which is the wettest animal ?
                                        Rein (Rain) deer.
Which is the musical planet ?
                                        Neptune (Tune).
Why did the witch travel on a broom ?
                                        She couldn't afford a Vacuum Cleaner.
What has for wheels and discovered America ?
                                        Colum (Bus).
Why do astronauts wear bulletproof vests ?
                                         to protect themselves from shooting stars.
What did one lion says to another on seeing two hunters in a jeep ?
                                         "Meals on wheels"
What kind of music do lions like ?
                                          Rock and roar.
Why is a batsman a coward ?
                                          He is affraid of a duck (0).

By - Salil Dhaddha
Class - VI C


Let's Laugh

One friend (to another) Since last month your wife has been riding to
reduce her weight. Has anything happened ?
Second friend (Unhappily) Yes the weight of the horse reduced by 10 Kgs.


Mother (to her son) I had kept 2 pieces of sweet on the shelf last evening. But now only one is left ?
Son (Immediately) It was darkness so I couldn't see the other piece.


Once upon a time there were three men, one from France, the other from Japan and the third one from India.
The French Said Copper was discovered in our country so all copper wires are our gifts.
The Japanese Said Aluminium was discovered in our country so all Aluminium wires are our gifts.
The Indian Said No metal was discovered in our country so wireless is our gift.


Teacher asked his student How do ants help us ?
One student (quickly ) answered They help us to know the place where our mother has kept the sweets.

Prasson Gupta
Class - VI C


One woman to another at a party : "Why are you wearing your wedding ring on the wrong finger ?"
"Because", replied the second woman, "I married the wrong man."


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