Udaipur and Myself

By Bhargav Mistry

"My honeymoon happened in Udaipur…Not out of design but out of fault.
(We had realized much later that the bus we were in was heading for Udaipur and not Ahmedabad.)
That was 18 years back. It was one of those 2 day one night package.
At the Pichhola Lake a noble thought occurred to us simultaneously: `wish we could stay here as citizens of Udaipur.'
10 years later work called me to Udaipur again. This time it was a business trip to Lipi Data Systems. Stay was at the Lake End hotel at Fateh Sagar.
The same thought reverberated this time too during the morning walks along Fateh Sagar.
During the course of the project with Lipi Data, I must have come to Udaipur about five times, each time with a stronger feeling of desire to stay at Udaipur.
The project came to an end and so did my visits to Udaipur.... But not for long.
Another project called me back, this time being the guest of Secure Meters.
The frequent visits to Udaipur ultimately made our honeymoon dream come true…
Ever since 1996, we came lock stock and barrel to stay for good…
I owe this to the beautiful lakes, the hills and the colorful sunrises on Lake Fateh Sagar… and of course the lovely people of Udaipur. 
I am an Industrial designer by profession.
Hobbies are playing the Sarod and photography.
I invite you to visit my web site at where both the passions are elaborated.
I am attaching one picture of the sunrise from Fateh Sagar, which I like very much and would like to share with you. There are many more that have been taken – the various moods and colors of sunrises. These I will keep posting at various times."

Visit my web site at


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