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Picture Gallary of International Conference at Durbar Hall, Udaipur

Picture Gallary of Cultural Events at Shilpgram, Udaipur


left_corn1.gif (952 bytes) CHIRMI International Conference and Exhibition on Rural Tourism in India.

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Partner State : Rajasthan Date : September 8-12, 2001
For Conference : Durbar Hall, Udaipur For Exhibition : Shilpgram, WZCC, Udaipur

Why Rural Tourism ?

Since most tourists sites are located away from the urban centres, the trend is towards an increase in the share of tourism outside the well known urban centers.

Ghoomar DanceWhen we limit ourselves to well known tourist spots we tend to reinforce impressions that are stereotyped.
Come and discover rural India where 74% of Indians live.
There is wealth of craft, performing art and vivid life style that awaits you.
Your interest is vital to sustain these endangered wealth of human evolution!
Rural Tourism in India

India is one of the oldest and perhaps culturally the richest and most diverse nation on this planet.
You will be exposed to all colors and hues of civilization.
Our forests are rich in flora fauna. Our Cuisine are mouth watering. We have scenic beauty that is breath-taking.Our folk dances are simply enchanting.
A wide array of discoveries await you in woodedDance valleys of Himachal Pradesh, hills of Uttaranchal, plains of the river Ganga , forests of north-east or plateau of south India.
All you have to do is to cross over the mental barrier and step in a brave new world of unending surprises of rural India.

FICCI and UCCIs' Role in Promotion of Rural Tourism

FICCI is actively promoting the concept of Rural tourism in this country and abroad. UCCI has undertaken the mission of rural tourism in this part of the country. This will not only attract tourist traffic, it will also offer new avenues for economic growth of the region.
These organisations are acting as catalyst to generate synergy between tourism, related industries, the government and international agencies.They are also working towards involving local panchayats in the villages in the process.
All these efforts are aimed at establishment of infrastructure with smooth exchange of information among all the stake holders resulting in a robust Rural Tourism establishment.

Be a part of the Endeavour

By participation of your organization in the conference/Exhibition

Participation Fee : Rs 1000/- per delegate
Exhibition Stall : Rs 10,000/- per stall
(Free of cost for the Rural Artisans)


By Becoming an active partner through sponsoring the event under the following categories :

Principal Sponsors : Rs 10 Lakhs
Co-Sponsors : Rs 5 Lakhs
Associate Sponsors : Rs 1 Lakh

Oragnised by

FICCI - Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
E-mail : ficci@ficci.com
In association with

UCCI - Udaipur Chamber of Commerce and Industry.Udaipur Chamber of Commerce and Industry
E-mail: ucciudaipur@ucciudaipur.com

Supported by

Dept of Tourism, Art and Culture, State Government of Rajasthan.

Dept of Tourism, Art and Culture,
State Government of Rajasthan

Ministry of tourism & Culture Government of India.

Ministry of tourism & Culture
Government of India

WZCC - West Zone Cultural Centre

West Zone Cultural Centre
Dept of Culture
Ministry of Tourism & Culture
Government of India

Rural Fairs, culture, art and artisans.